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Awakening Farewell


Men of War - September 17th


30,000 Feet

In all things pertaining to the earthly realm, it is wise to see things from Father God's perspective as one who is "seated with Him in heavenly places."

-Begin with the Scriptures. Your mind will be renewed.
-Continually devote yourself to prayer. This is a two-way conversation with God. Speaking AND listening.
-Ask for wisdom and discernment as you look from His perspective. He will provide them.
-Engage fully with the Holy Spirit as He leads you. As a son or daughter, it is your right to be led by Him. (Romans 8:14)

And, remember, what I am writing about is a supernatural process. Don't limit it to your 5 senses. Submit your 5 senses unto the Lordship of Christ and let the Holy Spirit use them as needed. But, supernatural sight and hearing are what is needed when viewing from His perspective. Much will be understood as your fleshly viewpoint falls away and His comes forward with greater clarity.


A Fruitful Bride


Prophetic Voice

A prophetic voice often offends. Truth cuts across all that doesn't line up with it.

In sharing these things, we must pray for wisdom in HOW to share. Each word must be drenched in love and should pour out of a heart broken by God with compassion. A prophetic voice that is condescending, harsh and shrill rarely has a hearing.

The anointing on the words spoken carries the weight of the truth to the human experience and heart. A measured, clear and direct approach is best. Let the Holy Spirit magnify the words. We simply speak. Then, when offence comes, and it will, we can rest in Him knowing that truth is having it's perfect work.

Compromise will not win the day. Obedience will. Angry prophets do not affect change. Anointed ones do.